Dead tree solving - eco edition! 
Best of both worlds - paper and pencil/pen solving, but rather than curled up with the newspaper, you're curled up with your tablet/iPad/Android! Write, even draw, in the grid, directly on the screen. 

Perfect for rebus puzzles, like this one from a recent Thursday NYTimes puzzle. Use a stylus, for the feel of really writing, or just use your fingertip - it is remarkably easy and is your real writing... I filled this one out using my finger - the stylus is just there for show. (The rebus was MAN - as in TAXMAN at 54D...) If you would like to try it out, click on "About Me" on this page and send me an email.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Rebus, writeovers, and MEMEMEMEME

RebusToday's NYTimes Croswword Puzzle by Mr. Schoenholz was great fun, with my favorite xword contrivance, the Rebus!

Here is how my grid looked - in keeping with the theme, I rendered my rebi as tiny visages of Moi - I mean ME.  Love the way I can open up a palette, and draw whetever I want.  (An outlet for my inner artiste...)

The different thicknesses of the letters show either how unsure I was of the answer (light gray), or how many times I erased and re-entered.

Also, shout-out to my newest cousin, tiny ANOUK, who was 1 year old on Christmas Eve!

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  1. An article on a cool
    blog about singing
    reminds me of a discovery I made yesterday...
    You folks in New England know that our roads have gotten pretty torn up with the recent snows.
    Well, while riding shotgun, I noticed that writing in the grid on my tablet somehow seemed to reduce those pesky skips and scrawls that make it tough to do the crossword in a car or on the train - is it because handwriting on a tablet is akin to skating on ice, as Ralph puts it?